Gifts from the Octopus

(Article first appeared in Species Link Magazine)

The intelligence of the Octopus has been proven in many experiments including figuring out how to unscrew a jar lid to get food out and leaving a tank in one room to steal fish from another room with doors in between that had to be opened and closed on both journeys to and from their original tank.

I met several Octopuses when diving with my students as a Padi Dive Instructor.  They were all amazing.  I always cautioned my students that size didn’t matter when it came to these beings.  An octopus the size of a baseball could completely take down a full-grown human diver by ripping off their mask and taking their regulator right out of their mouths.  I taught great respect for all ocean beings, but especially for the octopus that look so cute and harmless under water.

Later on, when I started with my animal healing and started communicating with various species, I learned that each species had its own gifts for humanity.  For protections, the Orcas came in. For emotional flow and physical healing, the dolphins would come in with their sparkly dancing energy of joy.  When asking for abundance it was always the whales, their energy felt very deep and massive.  Then I was introduced to the Octopus.

Octopus energy is very old and wise.  It was like the most ancient energy of wisdom and love.  When I asked about it, the octopus that contacted me said, “We are an ancient, we started our journey of planets that far predate earth.  Our gift to humanity is to heal all violations of spirit, emotions, mental programing, and physical violations such as assault or rape.  We go into the cells and remove this energy so that the person that you are working on can live free.  Whenever a human has been violated, call on us for healing.”

For rape victims and people with PTSD that was a gift beyond measure.

To access this energy, get into a quiet, meditative state.  Create a bubble and connect that bubble directly to the highest frequencies you can reach.  Activate highest potential for the healing and release, and call the octopus to come in.  Relax and allow this energy to wash over every cell.  Give all the emotion to the octopus for transformation and express gratitude when you are done.  Experiment with it.  Set yourself free and enjoy the octopus’ wisdom and healing.

If you need assistance please sign up for a Octopus Healing with me.  Call or text (601) 466-6559 to set up your time.  It is a gift to yourself beyond measure.

Hope you have a joyful dolphin day,