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Readings with Cyndie Lepori
Cyndie Lepori

Quantum Readings and Healings with Cyndie Lepori

For an inspirational and amazing reading and healing from your guides and angels, sign up today!

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The Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker series of children’s books are fun and entertaining for all ages. Beautiful illustrations and positive messages are found throughout. Dolphins and Whales Forever is the amazing journey with the dolphins from many authors that will change the way you think about dolphins and whales forever. It is an Amazon Bestseller!

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Childrens Dolphin Books by Cyndie Lepori

Transformational Jewelry by Cyndie Lepori


These colorful, elegant bracelets are infused with energy as they are created for each owner. Each one is handmade by Cyndie. They can be worn together or separately.

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Merdella Seed Bead Art

Seed bead embroidery is amazingly beautiful. Each item is hand crafted and created by Cyndie Lepori and is one of a kind.  Special Orders are available. Each framed item takes at least a month to be created.

Get your own beautiful one-of-a-kind framed Merdella Bead Art here.

Check back as items such as bracelets and earrings are added often.

You can wear fine art!

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Some tutorials are available.

* “From the Heart of God ” StarDolphin Image (for Readings) by Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan –