Animal Communication with Alligators and Crocodiles

Animal Communication with Alligators & Crocodiles

When asked to have a conversation with the Alligators, my first reaction was would they speak to me?  So I got quiet and asked for an alligator to come in.  We have many alligators that live in Mississippi and Louisiana. So it was not hard to contact one.

I was first contacted by a very old male who lived in the swamp behind my home.  Here is what he had to say:

“We live in the waters and have been on the earth for thousands of years.  We help the eco system from becoming off balance in the shallow waters of the earth.  In the southern regions, we have plenty of food.  Our females lay eggs and are very protective of them.  They guard their nests with the love of any mother.  They also take care of the young ones.

We live a very long time. A century if left alone. We do have territories that we are in charge of.  We can live anywhere there is water and land.  We clean our areas of old and weak animals.  We don’t eat often, but when we do we are not very picky of what we do eat.  Small animals, birds, and fish are all a part of our diets. We prefer to be alone most of the time. We do not have permanent mates. We do fight among ourselves for territory. The biggest always wins.

There is much wisdom among the Gator Clan.  We have sensors in our skin that can detect the slightest changes in weather, water temperature, where the fish are, and the flow of water.  We are in meditation most of the time when laying in the sun or basking in the waters.  We do enjoy our lives.  We observe the environment all the time.  We hold the vibrations of the shallow waters.

We are grateful that you have not changed the land and you leave it natural for all the beings in the creek.  We have been aware of you for a long time.  The homes that we can live in are getting harder to come by and we prefer not to be in the company of the upright ones.  We don’t tend to live very long around them. Thank you for asking.”

Then since I was aware that crocodiles live in southern Florida in the Everglades, I went to contact them too.  Crocodiles are very large and can be up to 15-feet long and weigh in at 4,000 lbs.  They live in salt water and look very different from the alligators.  I saw them when canoeing in the Everglades.  They looked like huge logs laying on the banks of the river.

A very large female came in.  Neither the alligator nor the crocodile gave their names.

“It is very unusual for anyone to contact us.  What would you like to know?”  I indicated that I would like to know about their species, how they live, and if they had a message for humans.

“We bask in the sun much of the time holding the vibrations of the earth.  We have been here thousands of years. Up to recently, we had no real competing with other animals in this area, but now there are large snakes that prey on our young and have invaded our territories.  We are very aware of any changes in our environment.  We do not have family units, but we as the females guard our young fiercely.  We can live well over a human lifespan, sometimes double it.  We are many here in the area.  The only competing is among the older males for mating with the best females. We as females keep our young ones together for as long as possible to ensure that our species grow and thrive.  Our skin is very sensitive to any environmental changes. We can tell when the water changes the least bit.

There seems to be less food for us now.  We are concerned about that.  We eat fish, birds, and small animals, but the competition is getting fierce over the foods we eat.  Perhaps we should eat the snakes that are new here.  There seems to be less area for us to live in also.  Humans need to be aware that we can all exist and we all have value in the ecosystem.  There is a balance of nature to be followed.  We clear out the old, sick, unhealthy animals in the environment.  We are a very important part of keeping the area healthy for all.  We are asking for humans to see our value in nature and even though we can prey on humans, we choose not to.  Let us exist in peace.  We are grateful for the chance to communicate with a human.  Most people don’t ask.  We are very intelligent and aware.  Thank you.”

“Thank you for speaking with me.”
Cyndie Lepori

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