Meeting My First Fairy

I had always known about nature spirits and fairies, but had never met one face to face until about 30 years ago when I met Thia.

I was outside digging up thistles and throwing them over the fence, when suddenly a small being appeared right in my face hovering in the air.  I was quite startled and she had a very irritated look on her face. She was very physical. She was about 3 inches tall, flying, and hovering.  Her hair was pink and stood up like a thistle flower. Her dress was the ragged sticky leaves of the thistle plant and her eyes were a very deep green. I can still see her clearly.

“Just what are you doing?” She demanded.

“I am getting rid of all the thistle plants in my yard,”  I replied.

“You can’t do that,” she said in a very irritated and angry voice.

“Yes I can,” I replied. I looked at her and considered very carefully.

“I will make you a deal,” I told her.  I was being very careful because fairies can be fierce and wreak havoc if they want.

“Consider this,” I told her. “I can’t have thistles in my yard because it hurts my dogs and our feet when I walk in the yard.  I have 80 acres here you can have all the thistles you want on my land, but none in my yard.”

“Ok,” she agreed. “But don’t dig up anymore plants and I will take care of it,” she insisted.

So I stopped digging up the plants and throwing them over the fence and went inside.  Within a week all the thistle plants withered and died. All the stickers in my yard disappeared.  It is 30 years later and to this day, no stickers or thistles grow in the area surrounding my house, and tons of them are in the field surrounding my home.

I have had a great relationship with the fairies here since.  I have delegated an area that is fairy land here on my land that is and will remain untouched.  Whenever I plant a new plant here I ask the fairies to bless it.  Often I put small acorns of elderberry wine or sugar water and cookies out for the fairy as a thanks for them being here and blessing my plants.  When they get mischievous, I ask them to put whatever objects they have taken or hidden back.  These objects always reappear within an hour.  I have a sign in my front yard, “Never piss of the Fairies” and we have a great working relationship.

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