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Meeting My First Fairy

I had always known about nature spirits and fairies, but had never met one face to face until about 30 years ago when I met Thia. I was outside digging up thistles and throwing them over the fence, when suddenly a small being appeared right in my face hovering in the air.  I was quite […]

Receiving the Breath of Gratitude

There is such busyness abound.  The dolphins would like to invite you to take a moment and take a deep breath. It is very important to balance all your energies right now.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually take a moment and create a bubble of peace and gratitude.  Allow all the busy chaos to leave […]

Stone People

We are interested in hearing what the basic, grounding rocks found on our Earth have to say. (We’ll save semi-precious stones/gemstones for another issue.). We want to know what our regular granite, shale, igneous, sandstone, etc., rocks are communicating. What do they want us to know? What are their gifts if we hear/understand what they […]

The Save the Humans Program

When I asked my 2 Chihuahuas what the animal kingdom was doing to help save the planet, Bella and Kisses told me quickly that the dog and cat kingdom’s job was to open the hearts of humanity and teach us all to love ourselves just as much as they loved us. When we loved ourselves […]

The Thriving Dandelions

While I was doing research on adult survivors of physical abuse, I came upon a description in a paper that really touched my heart.  Seems that 30% of children physically abused end up in jail.  And about 30% are considered the “dandelions.”  These are the children that survived their childhood and went on to become amazingly […]

Glitches in the Matrix

Have you ever witnessed a glitch in the matrix?  A situation where you know that what you are witnessing is way beyond what we are taught is “normal” in our reality?  This is a step beyond Deja-vu. In the movies the Matrix, there are many examples of this happening.  They explain it with the theory […]