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Cyndie Lepori

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My Pod and I are working together to create a fun, enlightening website for you.

I am committed to assisting you to reach your highest potential for this lifetime in every area of your life. Together with your guides, learn how to create more abundance, Joy, better relationships, and flow.

Welcome to the higher attunements, energies and your ascension journey!

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In this interview with Cyndie Lepori on COAST TO COAST AM, they played a 15 second clip of the video below. Enjoy.

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Cyndie Lepori has shown me many things in her readings, often it is not at all as it seems. She will take you and step into other dimensions with her readings, giving you percentages of probability that have proven to be very accurate. Cyndie helped me understand where I was at in the Ascension process and her suggestions were most helpful in my journey.

Cyndie is sincere, patient and generous in her readings. She has helped me see a range of perspectives that have added peace and joy to my life.

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Cyndie Lepori

The Save the Humans Program

When I asked my 2 Chihuahuas what the animal kingdom was doing to help save the planet, Bella and Kisses told me quickly that the dog and cat kingdom’s job was to open the hearts of humanity and teach us all to love ourselves just as much…
Cyndie Lepori

Glitches in the Matrix

Have you ever witnessed a glitch in the matrix?  A situation where you know that what you are witnessing is way beyond what we are taught is "normal" in our reality?  This is a step beyond Deja-vu. In the movies the Matrix, there are many…

“From the Heart of God ” StarDolphin Image (for Readings) by Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan – www.StarDolphin.com

** Blue Star Attunement Image by Layne Keeton Murrish