Billy and Bubbles the Dolphin




Billy and Bubbles the Dolphin
For ages 6 to 10
New Release/Signed

Billy and Bubbles the Dolphin Children's Book

This NEW RELEASE, Billy and Bubbles the Dolphin, is an early school age version, and the latest in the series of Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker books. It is a magical story of an autistic boy who meets Bubbles and she shows him who he really is in this under the sea and into space adventure. This beautifully written book is a positive story with no bad guy and teaches ecology and a love for the planet. A 2500 word book, fully illustrated by Layne Keeton Murrish. It also includes a game of hidden names that will challenge you to find! To get your signed and personalized edition by Cyndie, click the order button!


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