Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker




Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker
For ages 10 and up
New Edition/Signed

Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker Children's Book by Cyndie Lepori

When Billy meets a dolphin named Bubbles, he begins to see his life, the lives of dolphins, and other colorful characters in a new and wonderful way. These adventures profoundly change not only how he thinks of himself and his place in this world, but how he views the others in the story as well. It is a wonderfully positive inspiring adventure story full of mermaids, dolphins, and ETs, that will keep you turning every page, reading it many times. This beautifully written and illustrated story is not just a book for children, and will be read over and over for years to come. To get your personalized and autographed edition by Cyndie, click the order button!

“I read this book once, then I read it again, then I read it again. This beautifully written book left me feeling really happy and I enjoyed it every time. I have put this in my library as a classic to be read and enjoyed over and over through the years. The pictures beautifully match your descriptions and add so much to the book. Thank you for writing such a beautiful heart warming story.” – Staci H.

“I was so happy to sea an autographed copy of Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker (bought for my granddaughter) in my mailbox when I arrived home today. Cyndie, this book is amazing! It’s not a little child’s book either. It’s a wonderful story book to be treasured for many years. She will get to enjoy it when Nana’s finished. Thank you so much!” – Collette H.

“This book is reminiscent of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull,’ very simple book with lots of illustrations, yet the story is profound. Will be reading it to my son and grandson for the rest of their lives.” – Anthony Brice, Law of Attraction Radio, Six Degrees


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  1. Jean Whatley

    This is a wonderful book. Great for children and adults. I felt i was on the wonderful journey with Billy. The illustrations help bring the story to life. The colors are beautiful. I learned so many things that i can apply in my life. Thanks for a fun and wonderful journey.

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