Dolphin Blue Star Attunement Series



Three separate attunements that are $333 each.

The New Ascension Pathway Gifted by the Highest Dolphins, Guides, and Angels. These energies have only been available in the last year.

The Goal of Attunements:

My guides have given me the information that our job in the ascension process is not to leave the earth, but to be transformers and way showers for all the people of the earth.  Just walking around the planet we as empaths act as transmuters of all the energies that we come in contact with.  For many on this path we are tired and simply want to leave the planet.  Many of us are homesick for our Soul family, our star family, and our God selves.  My guides explained to me that we actually have it backward.  Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to manifest these higher energies of ourselves on the planet to assist with the ascension of the earth and reach higher timelines for every being and molecule on earth so that the entire planet ascends to the blue star planet of love and light.

They have given me several tools to assist those who are having challenges.  One is the bubble exercise to assist people to clear their energies and know who they are as the sacred souls who applied for this amazing mission.

Our Sacred History:

Originally we were all one with Source.  Our journey included many splits as we decreased our frequencies so as to finally become dense enough to be a physical being on a physical planet.  Our journey included 3 main splits from our original selves. Each one has a “layer of protections.”   This is what the mystery schools are all about: transcending the limitations of our consciousness and going through the challenges, or initiations, to reach the highest vibrations we could and bringing our higher consciousness to manifest here on earth at this time.   As my guides say, “boots on the ground.”

There are “safety gates” between each main level.  This was put into place to keep our lives and Karma from doing damage to our souls.  There are 4 safety gates.  Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.  This protects our higher selves sometimes called Highselves, or Oversouls.

So how do we start this journey to reconnect to and manifest our higher selves, star selves and Godselves? I have been taught a system to assist those that are ready to do just that.

These three separate attunements are done in the following order. Each one is $333.00 and are scheduled separately.

  • The Highself Attunement comes first. It involves creating a bubble, and connecting directly to Source, calling in your team of highest guides and masters and mine to create sacred space. I then do an assessment and usually a half hour of clearing, realigning and opening the “safety gates.” We get measurements in each of the areas of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Then we look for blocks and Karma, old agreements, Akashic Records and Patterns, Vows, Oaths, Curses, implants, damage to your chakra system, physical systems, and anything that would impede the opening of the safety gates and impede reconnection and manifestation of your highest self here. We also claim all your beneficial energies throughout all time and space you have accrued during your soul journey.   (Gifts from Spirit.)  After that is completed, we do three “dolphin breaths” and that allows my dolphin guides to activate your personal Merkaba, create a direct link to your higher self and start downloading into your DNA the energies needed manifesting your highself here on earth.  This takes about an hour total.  I highly recommend you rest, relax and take care of yourself while you integrate these new frequencies for at least a couple of days. ($333.00)

Note:  I have been instructed not to give these attunements closer than a month apart.  It takes at least that long for the DNA shifts to occur and be integrated.

After your first attunement (The Highself Attunement), you can then purchase and schedule your next attunement (the Blue Star Attunement).

  • The Blue Star Attunement. This attunement activates your Blue Star Merkaba and reconnects you to your Star self and your star family. It strengthens your ability to connect to your guides and enables you to manifest the Blue Star frequencies in your life and for the planet. ($333.00)

After your second attunement (The Blue Star Attunement), you can then purchase and schedule your final attunement (the Platinum Godself Attunement). Again, you must wait at least 1 month to integrate before your next attunement.

  • The Platinum Godself Attunement. This creates a manifestation of your God self or Goddess energies to be manifest here on the planet. It creates a shining Merkaba of pure light that connects you directly to Source. It is almost beyond description. ($333.00)

You will know if these attunements are for you.  It’s ok if they are not.  We will eventually all get there anyway.  Some of the benefits that people have experienced are blocks in their lives are suddenly lifted.  They experience more joy and presence here on the planet.  The world is experienced differently after the attunements.  Manifesting their dreams comes quicker and easier.  They feel they are reaching their highest potential for this lifetime.  They attract more positive people in their lives and find soul mates and where they belong on the planet to do the greatest work here.  They manifest abundance, Love, and healing much quickly and on a physical level.

Each attunement is $333.00.  Call today to set it up and reach your highest potential in this lifetime.   Cyndie Lepori 601-466-6559


* Blue Star Attunement Image by Layne Keeton Murrish.


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