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Reading Healing with Cyndie Lepori

Did you know that you have Guides, Angels, and a Healing Team? Would you like to know who they are and have a better connection to them? What are your pets trying to say? Where are you really from and what is your role here? Are you ready to learn tools to improve your life? Curious to know what your highest potentials are for your love life, money, job, and location and how to reach them?

Together with your team, we can look at the things that stop you on every level, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Most readings contain tools to blast through the blocks we find, quickly and easily. We can work with “glitches in your timelines” that are keeping you from reaching your hearts desires and your highest potential.

Contact Cyndie Lepori for an inspirational and amazing reading and healing from your guides and angels today!

Prepare For Your Reading

To prepare and get the most out of your reading, please take notes, or record the reading because a lot of information is given very quickly. Also, take some time to formulate your questions to get the most out of your reading and write the questions down.

Recommend A Friend Program

If you recommend a friend who books a reading you will receive a discount ticket for your next reading. You will receive a 10% credit of $5.00 for half hour booked, or $10.00 credit for full hour booked. Have the person booking their reading, mention your name. Your certificate will arrive in your email, upon payment for the appointment. You can save credits up or gift a friend. Credits never expire.

Gift Certificates

Would you like to give a gift to a friend?  You can buy a gift certificate. Contact me for more details.


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